Assistant for the serie “Writers at MAXXI for art

What do those who work with words think about those working with images? Four writers meet four artists at MAXXI to find out. From 16 May to 6 June Maria Pia Ammirati, Arnaldo Colasanti, Maria Luisa Spaziani and Valentino Zeichen will be featuring in Writers at MAXXI for art, a series of encounters, curated by Stefano Zecchi and moderated by the RAI Radio Uno journalist Paolo Notari,in which intellectuals not directly or “professionally” involved in the world of the visual arts reveal to the public their idea of art, each presenting an artist with whom they will share the stage.

Hemali Butha’s assistant

Helped the artist to install Growinga large work composed of suspended incenses that inundates the entire exhibition with the fragrances of India.
This site-specific work was created for the exhibition Indian Highway, curated by Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Gunnar B. Kvaran together with Giulia Ferracci, Assistant Curator MAXXI Arte, and organised in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery, London and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Norway.
With 30 artists, 60 works including 4 site-specific installations conceived for MAXXI Art and a series of works exhibited here for the first time in all their monumentality, the exhibition offers a vast representation of the creative panorama of one of Asia’s largest regions and reflects the economic, social and cultural developments of the past twenty years. Beginning with the definition of the highway as an element of connection between the migratory flows moving from the periphery towards the city, Indian Highway speaks about technological development, the economic boom and the growing global centrality of this subcontinent in the world of the arts since the 1990s.


Museum Cultural Mediator for Cittadellarte

4 March – 4 September 2011
 Claudia Gian Ferrari Hall
In parallel with the retrospective exhibition Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956-1974, MAXXI will be presenting an exhibition devoted to Cittadellarte, an interdisciplinary laboratory for art and culture founded by Pistoletto in his home town of Biella in 1998.
Here the artist has developed an organic institution composed of a number of independent and self-organised departments or uffizi addressing sectors such as Art, Economics, Education, Politics, Ecology and Communication.
Continuing on from Pistoletto’s participatory works of the late Sixties, the Cittadellarte project reflects the artist’s determined commitment to art at the centre of a process for the responsible transformation of society. The exhibition Cittadellarte will highlight the intellectual, political and social debates promoted by this laboratory, with a programme of collateral activities utilising the exhibition space as a social and educational forum.




Internship in Arthemisia srl press office

Guide at the Civic Museum in Pesaro

Artistic director’s assistant at “70’s Flowers” Festival






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