GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ formed as a duo in 2009. Central to their work is the notion of the third, referring to that which is created by two individuals, but can’t be attributed to either one of them.
The descriptions of the third vary between the unidentified presence of a person, or simply as referring to something subconscious and repressed. This is explored by GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ as that, which takes place in the merging of their subjects, the resulting product of their collaboration and within a temporary structured situation. The structure function as a limitation of possibilities for the performers, but also as an opportunity for unpredictable events to happen within that narrow frame.
In DV-I’m Drifting (2011-) GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ investigates the metaphors of the sea, but also as an actual site on which they can project their own desires about sea travelling, isolation and autonomy.  The seas indefinable legal status and fluid materiality are shaped into alternative narratives by performances and temporary interventions.

Previous works

Third Man: Bravery, Repetition and Noise

Bravery, Repetition and NoiseTying our heads together with a piece of cloth. We then laid down between supports with our heads on one pedestal and our feet on the other. While holding our bodies straightened, we created a connected scream until someone of us collapsed from exhaustion.

Pillars make the name 

Pillars make the NameBefore the performance we were gathering names from the people attending the event, by making small talk and introducing ourselves. In the performance we were leaning on each other’s shoulder in an act of balance and struggle trying to speak simultaneously into the microphone placed on the other persons back; performing the names of the audience into the microphones. Trying to memorize, list and repeat them in sync, over and over. Eventually we were ending up with one name decided within the situation.

White Out

White OutTen people wearing white hoods, producing the experience of snow blindness, walked on the frozen lake, Torneträsk. They were instructed to walk for 15 minutes and then return to the starting point.


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