Louise Dahl-Lindvall

Currently based in Copenhagen, Louise Dahl Lindvall graduated from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2013. She works primarily with performative art through a variety of expressions spanning from text, storytelling, dance and mobile audio pieces to video games and sculptural installations. Her performance will consist of a number of one-to-one sessions where the audience is invited to sit down with her on a couch by the windows at Moderna Bar. There she will share a story about her ancestral relation to the Wasa mythos, taunting seraphime blues and the unfortunate legacy of a man called Törnström.

Previous works

321, FIGHT!

321 fight

321 fight 2


321 fight 6  321 fight 4321 fight 5

321 fught 3

“3, 2, 1 FIGHT! is a sculptural installation, an audio visual performance, a violent, voyeuristic spectacle and an exercise in strength, agility and stamina all at once. It celebrates the attack, domination and animal panic, it worships struggle and attempts to force you into complete submission using only its hands and body – a modern day mythopoeic metaphor for a fight to the death. It is in love with mastery, physical prowess and mutual respect. It demands attention, needs you to listen and work those sharp reflexes. It wants to choke you until you tap out.”
During the exhibition, each Friday there was a live action event where another brave fighter was invited to enter the hexagon with me. The rules were simple, strikes were allowed to the body but not to the head, a fighter could be submitted through joint locks and chokes to the side of the neck, however, eye poking, small joint manipulation and windpipe techniques were strictly forbidden. Each fight was recorded, and replayed as an audio piece within the hexagon throughout the week.

Freddy Red Light

Freddy 1 Freddy Red Light

“Let me tell you a story about my grandfather…”
For ONE NIGHT ONLY at GL Strand I did a script based performance titled Freddy Red Light.
An object was placed within the exhibition hall, visitors were encouraged to pick it up and bring it to me in exchange for a story about my grandfather, conveying his extraordinary journey from a retired professional hockey player to the most sought-after and highly esteemed pimp in Scandinavia.

Någon Måste Ju Göra Det / Well Somebody’s Got To Do It


well 1 well 2

“In these dark times of distrust, racial profiling, persecution and
brainwashing one may feel powerless, scared, sick, angry and disgusted
with the government’s increasingly vile and abusive political advances.
REVA was merely the beginning, the society of control is thriving and the
limits for what means may be considered acceptable are constantly being
re-negotiated… but do not fret my dear, for I have a plan…”

“Någon måste ju göra det” / “Well somebody’s got to do it” was a 15 minute performance lecture proposing a concrete seven-step plan for a coup d’état. It was performed at Galleri Residens in Solna for one person at the time on the 8th and 9th of March 2013.


Chthonic   Chthonic 3

Chthonic 1   Chthonic 2

Chthonic, a pole dance solo in response to Pablo Bronstein’s Walker, was shown at Maison Opéra, BAC, i Genève 2012.

Odjuret På Alvaret


Odjuret på Alvaret (or: The Beast of Alvaret) was one of the four stories I performed in relation to Fredrik Ehlin’s En Ruta Ett at Eggeby Gård in Järva. Every Thursday of July I was at the location sharing my tales with visitors, passer byers and others who had the time to lend me an ear. Each story was independent of the others, but they were all themed around the notion of cultural heritage.



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