Artists proposals

Bar Drama involves three performance artists graduating or recently graduated from the Kungliga Konsthögskolan in Stockholm and that are interested in the questions proposed.
The performances will be in Swedish and the audience will be provided with translations in English.

Gideonsson/Londré – The Storm
For Bar DramaGideonsson/Londré will present The Storm, a performance in which they investigate the concept of time as an exploration of the line between the private and the public in an isolated state of being, similar to that of the storm, where the subject is trapped within states of exposure, unprotectedness and vulnerability.
To do that, they are preparing a manual wind machine – typically used in Baroque and Victorian theatre -and a manuscript with a text about the theme that can be consulted by the audience.
The idea is to be on the balcony and use the machine and create wind as long as their bodies can withhold the exhaustion.


 – Louise Dahl-Lindvall – It knows no decline
Louise will perform a storytelling-piece. Perched on one of the sofas by the windows with a view over Djurgården and Vasamuséet, she wants to share with the visitors a humorous yet somber tale about regal figurehead carver Jan Törnström (to whom she is blood related) and his peculiar involvement in the décor creation of one of the grandest battleships in Nordic history.
The story revolves around the Vasa mythos, or “The Royal Ship Syndrome”, touching on subjects like full spectrum dominance, the sovereign state, war glorification and how the legendary maiden voyage may have been, and still is, used to build a national identity.
For maximum presence and intimacy, she will share the story with only one person at the time.

Schermata 2014-04-28 alle 13.49.44

Charlotta Smith
For Bar Drama, Charlotta will work with two actresses. The idea is to build the bar area almost as a small cave, made of cardboard, paper mache, fabric with small windows/openings. In this “bar cave”, one of the actress will read some short texts/poems about beeing stuck in that cave, simultaneously as she make some kind of drink and pour it into glasses that stands on the bar.
In short breaks the actress outside the cave will bring some of the glasses around the area and give them to the audience. The performance will last 20-25 minutes and it will be in Swedish.




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